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H.AZEEM’S Stackable bracelets

H.AZEEM’S Stackable bracelets

H.AZEEM is always at the forefront when it comes to jewellery trends and this season is all about stacking bracelets! Recently “Jewellery for Breakfast”, a well-known jewellery blog was quoted saying, “I do believe more is more when it comes to my gems, and so I particularly enjoyed wearing the two bangles stacked together. I think you could take three, or even four, of them for en masse impact and they would look sensational.” She was of course referring to the critically acclaimed H.AZEEM Sakura Collection. H.AZEEM bracelets stack well together with just about anything! You can wear stackable bracelets with everything you own; from adding a bit of glitz and glamour to your t-shirts and jeans, to adding the finishing touches to formal wear. There is no such thing as too much, so pile it on and stack as many as you want.

Blogger, Flora from “Jewellery For Breakfast” was spotted wearing the Cherry Blossom Cuff from the Sakura Collection paired with a cute watch over sushi, and late doubling up on Sakura Fan Bangles in blue topaz and rose quartz.

The Sakura Fan Bangle embodies the qualities of a flowing ribbon, featuring the Blue Topaz gemstone in the middle surrounded by cubic zirconia. Taking inspiration from the bloom itself, the new collection is an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life and just like the dazzling show the pieces are truly a sight to behold. This H.AZEEM bangle is from the Sakura Collection.

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If the Sakura Fan Bangle is not to your jewellery tastes, why not go for the Cherry Blossom Cuff with its delicate strands and falling pearls is a unique ode to the beautiful blossom. This H.AZEEM cuff is from the Sakura Collection.

H.AZEEM creates affordable, luxury jewellery at its most elegant and seasonal. Collections range from fashion jewellery made from natural gem stones to druzy, amethyst, topaz and garnet to mother of pearl. From necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, H.AZEEM is both modern and timeless; classic cuts are paired with innovative gem stones and settings. Geometric lines are offset by soft jewels and gems; dramatic glamour is complimented by understated sophistication and elegance. No other online jewellery retailer is as chic and versatile. There is something for everyone and every occasion from H.AZEEM.

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