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H.AZEEM’S Cocktail Rings for Summer Soirees

H.AZEEM’S Cocktail Rings for Summer Soirees

H.AZEEM is always at the forefront when it comes to jewellery trends and this season has been no different. The summer of 2018 has seen cocktail rings rise to the top of fashion jewellery trends and H.AZEEM could not be more thrilled! In each of H.AZEEM’s stunning fashion jewellery collections can be found some truly dazzling and show-stopping cocktail rings.

But what, some of you might ask, is a cocktail ring?

Well, a cocktail ring is a piece of jewellery that is larger and more radiant than a normal ring and is designed to attract the attention with its size and colours. These rings usually have an oversized centre stone or a lot of small gem stones in their settings. H.AZEEM rings were born to be gently caressed against a glass of champagne as fairy lights twinkle at a gorgeous summer garden party.

H.AZEEM has a wide range of rings to choose from but there are some that stand apart as classic and timeless cocktail rings. July’s birthstone may be ruby, but here at H.AZEEM we prefer the understated elegance and longevity of garnet, so try this red garnet ring on for size:

The dazzling H.AZEEM Red Garnet Ring radiates feminine glamour with a hint of vintage charm. Red Garnet from Mozambique is set in a sterling silver ring shimmering with confidence and style. This piece conveys the timeless and elegant style that your jewellery box has been waiting for. Textured and polished this H.AZEEM ring is the perfect finish for that special occasion, and is guaranteed to make you the centre of attention of any summer party. This H.AZEEM ring is from the Classic Couture Collection and is available in a range of different gem stones.

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If red is not to your jewellery tastes, why not go for the yellow hued Brazilian Citrine H.AZEEM cocktail ring set in sterling silver surrounded with glittering cubic zircon.

This ring was destined to be paired with a delicious Bellini or even a Manhattan for those with stronger tastes. Available in a range of stones and colours.