About H.AZEEM: Natural Gemstone Jewellery


H.AZEEM is an award-winning brand specialising in natural gemstone jewellery set in sterling silver. All of our pieces use only natural gemstones, and these gems form the basis of our designs through which we elevate their natural beauty.


Twenty years ago, a girl fell in love with the gems and jewellery of a travelling merchant in the heart of Asia. The exotic beauty of each piece sparked a passion that inspired her to explore the world and discover the vast abundance of gemstones it has to offer ... and so began H.AZEEM. Despite a busy life working in the City as an investment professional, Hinna pursued her dream of becoming a jewellery designer at the prestigious Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design. By bringing together her time travelling abroad with life in London, Hinna has created versatile jewellery that is both professional and personal.


Travel is at the heart of the design of our collections, and we believe ‘every woman should own a natural piece of the beautiful world.’


Over the past 6 years, our designs have been featured in some of the most-read fashion magazines in the UK such as Vogue, Tatler and Jewellery Focus. H.AZEEM is also the favourite choice of celebrities, including award winning Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams, influential broadcaster Anita Rani and famous actress Helen Mirren.

Maisie Williams


Anita Rani


Helen Mirren