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H.AZEEM was in Good Housekeeping!

H.AZEEM was in Good Housekeeping!

You can find your favourite online jewellery brand gracing the Good Looks feature in January 2019’s Issue of Good Housekeeping!

“Looking and feeling gorgeous is all part of the fun of the party season. Three Good Housekeeping favourites share their secrets to looking their very best – from  head to toe – at this most wonderful time of the year…”

Out of the three celebrities featured in this article, two of them wore H.AZEEM jewellery – and they looked stunning!

TV and radio presenter, Katie Derham, a big advocate of laid back glamour, was featured wearing the gorgeous silver hoops from the Artemesia Collection and the Blossom Cuff Bracelet from the Sakura Collection:

These fine detailed earrings from the Artemesia collection honours the strength and versatility of today's women, using a mixture of warm ambers and intricate metal cut work to achieve unassuming powerful piece where heritage meets modern designs.

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The Cherry Blossom Cuff with its delicate strands and falling pearls is a unique ode to the beautiful blossom. Taking inspiration from the bloom itself, the new collection is an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life and just like the dazzling show the pieces are truly a sight to behold.

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And celebrity interviewer, Anita Rani, known for her impeccable style, wore the gorgeous Hanging Blossom earrings from the ever popular Sakura Collection and the Pear Drop Rose Quartz Ring from the Classic Couture Collection – and she looked beautiful.

The hanging blossom earrings feature a flowery row of pearls situated on top of delicate strands, which will gently sway with the wearer. Fringing has been a popular trend for 2018 celebrities like the Duchess of Cambridge and Danni Dyer and we are sure to see it through much of 2019 too!

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H.AZEEM collections range from fashion jewellery made from natural gem stones to druzy, amethyst, topaz and garnet to mother of pearl. From necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, H.AZEEM is both modern and timeless; classic cuts are paired with innovative gemstones and settings. Geometric lines are offset by soft jewels and gems; dramatic glamour is complimented by understated sophistication and elegance. No other online jewellery retailer is as chic and versatile.

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