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H.AZEEM London : Behind The Designs Part 1

H.AZEEM London : Behind The Designs Part 1

At H.AZEEM we love nothing more than when we are sitting down to design our new collections. Here we take a look at the ideas behind some of our jewellery sets.



The design of the Royal Set centres around the stunning large round facet cut gemstones. The 925 Sterling Silver setting into which the Gemstones are handset is raised allowing the maximum amount of light to hit the underside of the gemstone which in turn makes it sparkle and shine.   





The Elara Set has been designed to showcase the stunning textured Druzy Crystal.  The larger the surface area of the Druzy the more it catches the light and sparkles.  We love how the variety of Druzy textures ensure all of the pieces are unique and individual.





The concept behind the multi-coloured Venus Set was to create a set of jewellery using complimentary multi-coloured gemstones which work in harmony with each other.  Each of the pieces contains 4 Rose Quartz, 4 Blue Topaz and 4 Citrine facet cut gemstones. 



H.AZEEM London premium gemstone jewellery collections range from fashion jewellery made from natural gemstones to druzy, amethyst, topaz and garnet to mother of pearl. From necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, H.AZEEM London is both modern and timeless; classic cuts are paired with innovative gemstones and settings. Geometric lines are offset by soft jewels and gems; dramatic glamour is complimented by understated sophistication and elegance. No other online jewellery shopping destination is as chic and versatile.
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