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February Birthstone - Amethyst

February Birthstone - Amethyst

The February birthstone is amethyst. Amethyst is a beautiful purple quartz, with different hues from light shades of lilac to deep plum. 

It was the most prized quartz for centuries, once available only to royalty. 

St.Valentine was known for wearing a beautiful amethyst ring, the gem marks St.Valentine's day, and is the most popular sold gemstone during February. 

Purple amethyst is seen as being spiritually connected to the mind, enhancing cognition. It promotes calmness to the mind and clarity, and providing emotional support and protection against stress and anxiety. 

Many people use this stone for work-related stress and meditation. Amethyst has healing properties.

Wear our Royal Amethyst Ring with a deep high grade purple gemstone, pairing it with our matching Royal Amethyst Earrings, to complete the striking but elegant look. We have many other uniquely designed pieces in our amethyst collection. such as our charming and distinct Sakura's Fan Amethyst Necklace, reminiscent of the Orient style.  

Other high quality natural gemstones used in our jewellery collections include Red Garnet, Rose Quartz, Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Tiger Eye, Citrine and more. 

H.AZEEM London offers luxury natural gemstone necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets for women, suitable for glamorous, sophisticated occasions as well as adding that spark for everyday wear.

Gemstone jewellery makes the perfect gift for elegant and stylish women.