Citrine jewellery for all seasons

Citrine jewellery for all seasons

September and the changing seasons are almost here and it made H.AZEEM think, must we put our gorgeous summer jewellery away? Gemstones that capture the perfect level of style and couture look good during any season and this summer trends aren’t going anywhere for Autumn and Winter 2019. One small adjustment will keep your summer jewellery rocking all the way to Christmas with H.AZEEM London’s online collections of jewellery.

Shift from pink into yellow!

We’ve all loved this summer’s rosy tones, pink rose quartz has had a calming influence and has looked absolutely beautiful with every outfit, but it’s time to welcome a new gemstone. Citrine! Say hello to the gorgeous golden tones of citrine jewellery, perfect to transfer a summer vibe into autumn.

Our Top Citrine Picks:

We love the Royal Citrine necklace, earrings and bracelet from the Enchanted Empress Collection! You can buy these pieces as a set or as invidual pieces or gifts. They perfectly capture the bright seasonal tones of late summer and are also perfect against the changing tones of autumn too! As you can see they are a favourite poolisde, Influencer and Instagram star, @kari____kari showed off her citrine jewellery from H.AZEEM recently. As you can see, the citrine gemstone looks amazing against the cubic zircon setting in this bold and exciting style.


Image credit: @kari____kari

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Looking for a smooth transition?

Blending a fusion of gemstones can be a really subtle way to transition from one set of tone to another. Why not try the beautiful medley of gemstones arranged in the new collection from H.AZEEM, the Venus Collection? Drawing on the goddess of love as the inspiration for this heavenly collection, the Venus Collection uses radiant gemstones that enhance the beauty in every woman; their kindness and care, strength and intelligence. From the sea to the sky, the Venus Collection will be the symbol for feminine beauty across time. We love the Venus Circle Gold Pendent and matching earrings!



Citrine, blue topaz, and yellow citrine all contribute to these pieces radiance and arua. So beautiful and so chic! These new pieces from H.AZEEM’s online jewellery collections are sure to be showstoppers for every season and all 2019 occasions.

Click here to view the full Venus Collection from H.AZEEM

H.AZEEM collections range from fashion jewellery made from natural gem stones to druzy, amethyst, topaz and garnet to mother of pearl. From necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, H.AZEEM is both modern and timeless; classic cuts are paired with innovative gemstones and settings. Geometric lines are offset by soft jewels and gems; dramatic glamour is complimented by understated sophistication and elegance. No other online jewellery retailer is as chic and versatile.

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