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September Birthstone

September Birthstone

Discover the beauty of Sapphire - the birthstone of September.  This natural gemstone's name comes from the Greek word 'Sapphirus' which means blue.  Sapphire gemstones were believed to reflect the blue of the sky and they were prized by Kings and are still considered a gemstone of Royalty today.

Sapphire gemstones are believed to have healing properties, to protect against negative energies, promote a sense of serenity and inner peace. They are thought to improve communication skills and foster a deeper understanding of oneself and others. In ancient times, Sapphire was even ground into a powder and used as a remedy for various ailments.

Our Admiral Gold Bangle features a natural Sapphire gemstone hand set in 18k Gold plated 925 Sterling Silver. This beautiful bracelet has an intricate cutwork design and is perfect for everyday wear.

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